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Our approach involves human-centred design, lean start-up method and an agile delivery approach. We involve Customers and Clients using co-creation activities, develop and prototype services, and help provide the right method of thinking to bridge the gap between digital products and services and physical spaces. We work in the same style as start-ups but understand how to engage in enterprise-scale organisations.

Working together, we are able to provide focus on discrete projects, engage in larger transformation programs, help with ideation, or build and deploy stable research and design capabilities. We’ve worked on projects ranging from small, multi-day deliverables through to multi-year programs.


Design Leadership

Our design leadership capabilities include the provision of Team Vision & Leadership, capability building, advising and consulting, and design strategy. These capabilities and services help to provide leadership, direction and vision in shaping your digital design strategy and design teams.

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Experience Design

Our experience design capabilities include service design, interaction design, design research, and a special focus on start-up design. These capabilities and services help to provide understanding, insight and clarity of design to your digital programs and projects.

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