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Our design leadership capabilities include the provision of Team Vision & Leadership, capability building, advising and consulting, and design strategy. These capabilities and services help to provide leadership, direction and vision in shaping your digital design strategy and design teams.

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Design Leadership Services

Team Vision & Leadership

If you have an existing team but currently lack leadership, we have many years of leading, mentoring and directing design and research teams in the digital space. We’ve led teams on many projects from start-ups to major global enterprise organisations and can help shape and lead teams to provide successful outcomes. Having served on senior leadership teams, we understand the importance of design having a strong voice and can help teams to articulate their vision and engage stakeholders and Customers.

Capability Build

Sometimes what you need is a starting point – someone who can come in and help you to shape your digital product and service design and research method, help identify and hire teams and to find the right individual to lead that effort.
 With over twenty years of building and leading teams in the digital space, and having been brought in on numerous occasions to build from scratch or augment existing teams, we can help provide that shape and build your design capability.

Advising & Consulting

On occasion you may need someone to come in and sense check a project or how you are set up to deliver your design capabilities. With experience of running agencies, design teams and design capabilities client-side, we can provide an experienced outside view. We’re also open to considering non-executive director roles with start-ups, companies or agencies where my experience and view can help make a difference.

Design Strategy

Taking a strategic view is implicit in much of the work that we undertake for clients. We’re able to employ 20 plus years of digital experience using good listening and observational skills, and an ability to articulate a design vision. We employ a range of skills, including the development of narratives and storytelling, stakeholder workshops, co-creation activities and design research.