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Our experience design capabilities include service design, interaction design, design research, and a special focus on start-up design. These capabilities and services help to provide understanding, insight and clarity of design to your digital programs and projects.

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Experience Design Services

Service Design

Service designers are both good listeners and good story-tellers. They are able to bridge the divide that often exists between the systems and technology that sit beneath the surface and the interfaces that represent what they are capable of doing. Good service design recognises that while Customers are on a journey, businesses are measured by a prescribed set of KPIs and environmental factors. We have developed a good ear, and an engaging set of skills that help identify and define a service-based landscape.

Interaction Design

Sometimes you just need a good pair of hands and someone with the right kind of experience to run workshops, identify requirements, sketch, wireframe, and prototype. While it helps that we have run design teams, it’s probably more relevant that we are also the kind of design leaders who lead by doing. We can be effective on short-term or longer term projects providing tangible interaction design skills, can work remotely or on-site, having worked with companies from start-up stage to global enterprise.

Design Research

Design oriented research helps to define the landscape in which your digital products and services compete, where there might be gaps in the market, who your Customers are and where you might identify opportunities to delight. This can be accomplished by conducting heuristic and competitive reviews, observing Customers in places they naturally reside, listening to Customers, and engaging them in the use of your products or services. We help identify the right approach and can run programs of work that inform your digital product and service design.

Start-up Design

Over the years we’ve consulted, run, and been non-executive directors for a number of start-ups. No matter our level of engagement, we’ve always been involved in the design process, helping to move start-ups from early seed rounds to Series funding rounds. Sometimes this involves fine tuning existing work. Other times it involves providing vision to show investors what you could do if you were to win a funding round. We always seek to leave behind enhanced capability in the team through mentoring, coaching and designing by example. We can collaborate on a discrete piece of work, or step in from time to time to advise.